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P O E T R Y  &  P R O S E
One Planet, One Experiment Reading

Upcoming Reading

Woman Made Gallery Literary Series
Theme: And/Or: Oil & Water, Friend/Enemy, Sink or Swim
Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Location: 685 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642
Curated by Nina Corwin

All or Nothing thinking surrounds us. We humans use dichotomy, comparison and juxtaposition to make sense of the world. While the concurrent art exhibit, "Oil and Water" features work in a variety of media, the featured poets plumb the metaphor of oil and water beyond material form into the bottomless quandaries of contrast, conflict and coexistence.

Please join us for this "And/Or: Oil & Water, Friend/Enemy, Sink or Swim" reading curated by Nina Corwin. The event is open and free to the public.

Readers include Kara Candito, Marilyn Cavicchia, Joyce Goldenstern, Sade Murphy, Carly Sachs and Jessica Walsh.

All poetry events are organized and hosted by noted writers and poets who are members of Woman Made Gallery. The current poetry series is curated by Nina Corwin and documented by Kurt Heintz. Poetry events are free and open to the public with light refreshments served. For questions please contact WMG at gallery@womanmade.org.

Chicago Amplified

WMG was part of WBEZ's Chicago Amplified Series from 2009 to 2012. WE are grateful to Kurt Heintz, WMG's audio recordist who has documented WMG's poetry events for WBEZ and who has continued to record readings for WMG's archives. Please visit his websites www.e-poets.net and www.voices.e-poets.net.

Myths, SHEroes and Revolutionaries Reading - clockwise from left to right: Jenny Priego, Kristen Uyeda, Susan Slaviero, Ching-In Chen, Nina Corwin and Maureen Flannery; artwork behind poets by Constance DeMuth Berg.

Past Readings

With permission of the poets we have included here some of the poetry that was read at Woman Made Gallery in the past. Please scroll down to view some of the themes and click on the titles of the poems to read the works.

The photo shows poets who read at the "Myths, SHEroes and Revolutionaries" reading. Clockwise from left to right: Jenny Priego, Kristen Uyeda, Susan Slaviero, Ching-In Chen, Nina Corwin and Maureen Flannery; artwork behind poets by Constance DeMuth Berg.

The Body Uncommon - 05/19/2013

Poets Showcase at the Chicago Public Library Poetry Fest - 04/27/2013

16th Annual International Open - 04/07/2013

Public/Private - 02/03/2013

Words Made to Occupy - 11/11/2012

It's About Time - 09/09/12

Poets Who Open Doors - 07/22/12

Consumer Culture - 06/03/12

A History of Connection: Old Friends - 05/06/12

Women Who Write: Strong Words, Strong Voices - 03/04/12

What Comes After 20 - 01/29/12

Solace in So Many Words - 12/11/11

Egg Money Poets - 11/13/11

Underground - 08/14/11

Poets Embodying Abstraction - 06/19/11

14th International Open - 04/10/11

The American Dream: A Juxtaposition - 02/20/2011

Girl, Please: Somewhere Over the Gender Spectrum - 11/14/2010

Myths, SHEroes and Revolutionaries - 10/3/2010

Women in Print - 08/01/2010

Beyond Audubon: Birds, Bees and Bona Fide Beasts - 05/16/2010

Women's History Month Reading - 03/21/2010

While in Class - 01/31/2010

Family Album - 12/13/09

Looking South - 11/8/09

Writing the Transdiasporic Experience - 10/4/09

Her Mark 2010 - 8/2/09

Interactive - 7/12/09

The Emotional Body - 5/17/09

International Open - 3/15/09

Icons - 12/07/08

Drawing on Experience - 7/20/08

From Sham to Shame - 2/11/07

Her Mark 2004 Release Party & Reading - 10/19/03

Documentation - 7/20/03

Her Mark 2003 Release Party & Reading - 10/20/02

The Political Woman - 9/29/02

RHINO 2002 - 9th Annual Member's Show - 8/11/02

Between the Heart & the Land - Amanecer de Mujeres - 7/14/02

Autobiographies - 6/9/02

Inhabiting the Body - The Invented Figure - 5/5/02

Her Mark 2002 Release Party & Reading - 10/21/01

Rhino 2001 - 8th Annual Member's Show - 8/5/01

Deal With It - 6/10/01

Beyond the Surface - 4/29/01

Prejudice - 2/11/01

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